IPM Gold Award

We've won GOLD Again, Again, Again

We're thrilled to have won the IPM Gold 3 years running

The Home of Brand Activation

Imagine walking into your local shop. There are so many products vying for your attention, trying to convince you they can give you a brighter smile, tastier pasta, glossier hair...

Well imagine shopper agencies were products on a shelf. Which one would you pick up? It’s not easy to choose, each one has its own selling points.

That’s why we’d love you to step into our world and show you exactly why we’re different. We’re fluent in shopper. We understand consumers, the channels they use, and the triggers that drive them to the checkout. And we have bags of experience in helping brands and retailers sell more.

Comfy chairs, good coffee and plenty of fresh ideas

To discover how Brass Shopper can transform your brand, your sales and your customer’s shopping habits, get in touch today.

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