As the first working week of 2017 comes to an end (what a long week it was) it’s time to look at what the rest of 2017 holds.

At the end of 2016 I was delighted to have gained a place on the IPM’s prestigious 30 Under 30 program for 2017, which recognises the promotional marketing industry’s next generation of leaders.

Starting 2017 with this achievement and being highlighted as one of the ‘one’s to watch’ in the future is credit to the successful year we at Brass Shopper have had. Being selected to take part in the program was a massive honour, especially with Carey Trevill, Managing Director of the Institute of Promotional Marketing, saying: “Recognising this next generation of leaders is crucial to the creativity, success and tempo of the promotional marketing industry.” The final list of talented promotional marketers that made the program can be found here

The program provides me with the opportunity to sit on the IPM’s 30 Under 30 exclusive group, which will contribute to the organisation’s future learning offerings and act as an incubator and sounding board for new IPM products and services and generally ensure the body is listening to the opinions and needs of its Generation X and Generation Y members.

On December I attended the introduction to the program, giving me the chance to meet the other 29 members of the group and learn more about what the program will cover – which is everything from Effectiness Week and career development through to Legal Code training.

With shoppers spending more, but on less items and brands looking to move from deep price cuts to added value promotions (, 2017 looks to be a very, very busy and exciting year for promotional marketing.


Lawrence McNally
Shopper Account Manager