With the Easter shenanigans only a few days away, it’s time to hunt down a variety of chocolate, chick and bunny themed goods. The seasonal aisles of my local supermarkets are bursting with baskets, egg hunt kits and (help) Easter craft kits. I keep seeing the ASDA ad, the one with the giant hen on the roof. I’ve seen lots of stuff in social media about local events and trails.

When it comes to Easter these days there seems to be lots to buy, see and do. Yet when I walk up and down the Easter aisle, I’ve got to admit I’m a bit disappointed at the sea of standard egg offerings. I can choose from the usual chocolate brands – as small eggs, or big eggs, ones not in cardboard boxes, or ones that are shaped like bunnies or cows. But I’m still left feeling a bit uninspired.

That was until I saw this from Kinder Chocolate last weekend, perched high on the shelves of a Tesco Express. Perched high or not it certainly had standout and was too good to resist. Chocolate and a cute soft toy – all for £5! I reached up and put 3 straight in my basket.

Joanne Schofield
Account Group Director
(and mum of 3)

Kinder Chocolate has stand-out amongst the other eggs

Chocolate and a soft toy for just £5