Sadly, not all retailers’ wishes come true at Christmas.

Creative disruption is key for any retailer to succeed, especially in a saturated marketplace that is fighting for every consumer pound.

We know that British shoppers have the highest average spend in Europe over the Christmas period, with the average person spending £350 on Christmas gifts. It is essential to recognise that shoppers change constantly. A ‘one size fits all’ communication strategy does not work. It is more evident than ever that brand campaigns should not only be ‘Bold’, but also need to be kept ’Simple’.

Consumers face thousands of campaign messages every day in the run up to Christmas. The retailers that succeed are the ones that are engaging, sparking a conversation and continuing that conversation with their audience from the TV screen to the point of purchase.

The big screen Hollywood epic commercials that are eagerly anticipated each year are indeed brand building. However, my question is this, that far too many brands do not then carry this consistency through to the in-store environment. Millions of pounds of spend are potentially not utilised effectively to drive that all important ROI for retailers.

At Brass Shopper, we have a strategic central pillar that runs through every brand activation campaign. Great strategy inspires ‘Bold Simplicity’. We know in-store is a key moment-of-truth for any brand.
This influences our creative strategy so we deliver the right message at every part of the shopper journey to convert shoppers into buyers.

On every brand’s wish list should be an agency that not only wants to deliver a memorable campaign for them, but one that recognises Christmas for what it is in the retail world. A battlefield. Only the strongest, bravest and most consistent brands with ‘Bold Simplicity’ at every touch point will survive.