IPM Gold Award

We've won GOLD Again, Again, Again

We're thrilled to have won the IPM Gold 3 years running

When Humdinger came to us with their Fruit Factory range, they asked us "How do we reinvigorate our well-established Fruit Factory products into ones that kids just can't wait to grab off the shelves, whilst reassuring mum that they are ok to keep in the shopping basket as they are jam packed full of real fruit juice?"

It was a big challenge but one we grabbed with both hands! We re-positioned the products as “fruit that’s fun” and transformed the packaging into fun, quirky characters  that used real fruit textures to create bold backgrounds that just oozed fruitiness.

The results? Eye catching packaging that stands out in a category that has loads of brands fighting for shelf space and customer recognition, positioning Fruit Factory as confident market leaders.


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