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We're thrilled to have won the IPM Gold 3 years running

Breakfast isn’t just the most important meal of the day; it’s a massively important part of a successful business. With 360 million snacking and breakfast opportunities available in the UK, France and Germany alone the opportunity was a big one. Kellogg’s tasked us with creating a brand new platform to help grow convenience and foodservice business and give them all they need to make more of snacking and breakfast. So how did we create a cereal thriller?

We created a visually appetising site to showcase why Kellogg’s are the top of the (coco) pops. The site contains practical hints and tips based around shopper missions, providing real insight and best practice, from creating a wide range of products through how best to display them.

We brought the site to life through a series of illustrations that represent the people who work in stores and the types of individuals who buy cereal products.

As a Europe wide resource with multiple translations, the site has become a key part of the Kellogg’s offering, delivering insight and knowledge that previously wasn’t readily available.

Since Vantage launched it has had positively received and we will continue to expand the reach of the site. We now can’t walk into a store without having a look at the cereal aisle to check everything looks its best.

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