IPM Gold Award

We've won GOLD Again, Again, Again

We're thrilled to have won the IPM Gold 3 years running

With over 50,000 products for sale in a large supermarket, just how does your brand stand out and trigger impulse sales? One answer is to add more brand value. A lot more value!

Our exclusive Lucozade Energy promotion for Tesco shoppers helped secure incremental FSDU and pallet displays in stores nationwide.  The promotion offered 2 for 1 adrenalin-fuelled activities with every Lucozade Energy purchase and with savings of up to £40, the value was clear!

Lucozade Energy is the UK’s No.1 energy brand with a massive audience. To ensure widespread appeal, we recruited a range of activities nationally that included go karting to bungee, trampoline to segway. Impactful retail media advertising communicated the offer across the path to purchase.

Simple but effective.  This tailormade promotion was a real win for shoppers, Tesco and Lucozade Energy.

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