As a member of the shopper team here at Brass, promotions are a key part of my role.

We work with the Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) on what seems a daily basis recently, from best practice and advice through to legal compliance.

The IPM offer a wide range of training and qualifications, one of which I have just embarked on – The IPM Diploma.

In March, my colleague Emily and I officially became students again (which isn’t quite the same second time round and whilst working full time!)

The IPM Diploma involves a number of assignments and a set brief being completed over six months, covering all aspects of planning, implementing and evaluating campaigns that change shopper’s behaviour and influence purchase intent.

The first two module assignments are to be completed this month with the first module covering the role of promotions in integrated marketing communications.   Coming up in Module 2 we’re looking at different promotional techniques and selecting those that work best for the brand’s objectives.

It’s great being able to apply this to the real world of work and live clients, knowing all the promotional techniques available and which are the most effective ones to deploy throughout the shopper journey.

The Diploma provides a solid grounding in Promotional Marketing and is a qualification that is recognised by the industry at large.

By December this year we will have two more IPM qualified shopper experts in the team!

Ellie Staveley
Senior Account Executive