It is well documented that between 50% and 70%* of purchase decisions are actually made in store, at the shelf. This varies by category, mission and brand but it leads to one important conclusion.

Strategically driven brand activation campaigns must connect instantly with shoppers at the point of purchase. However, the tricky part of a shopper marketing campaign is identifying that the shopper is not always your consumer.

I was involved in a creative campaign for Unilever’s Lynx Apollo where we identified the person likely to be buying the deodorant in ASDA or Tesco was not the typical 16-18 year old male teenager target audience, but their mum. So the ‘Leave a man, come back a hero’ ATL campaign simply had no relevance to our shopper.

We proposed the brand activation line of ‘Heroes Wanted’, which appealed to proud mums shopping for their son’s toiletries. The experiential and in-store campaign that was born out of this creative strategy was passed around Unilever on a global level as best practice for shopper marketing. High praise indeed from Unilever, one of the world’s biggest global brands,

Dave Lambert
Creative Director
Brass Shopper

*Source: POPAI