While the world and his penguin waits for John Lewis to unveil its 2016 Christmas TV Ad, the Brass Shopper team have been taking a more light-hearted approach to the annual retailer Christmas TV Ad phenomenon.

Creating the latest ‘must have’ game in marketing-land; “Brass Xmas TV Ad Bingo”, single-handedly includes every cliché that has become the hallmark of the modern-day retailer Christmas TV Ad (aka ‘brand film’)!

Small cute child? Check. Schmaltzy acoustic 80’s soundtrack sung by chart-topping artiste? Check. Instagram-worthy slo-mo food shots? Check. Ad trends with its own #hashtag after airing? Check…..Bingo!

Whether it’s the heart-wrenching ‘mini-films’ from the bastion retailers of the traditionally middle classes; John Lewis and Sainsbury’s, or the cheeky parody ads from challenger brands such as Lidl, the Xmas TV ad offering has become big business.

John Lewis has realised that they can not only benefit from the brand exposure of their anticipated festive TV ad, but also generate actual profits by merchandising the characters featured in their seasonal ‘blockbusters’. Their recent IPA Effectiveness Awards Grand Prix win attests to the fact that schmaltz sells at Christmas (even more so than actual products, it would seem?)

On the other end of the scale, there’s the likes of Asda, Tesco and Morrisons, on their annual battle to see who can shift the largest number of turkeys at the lowest price possible, while still maintaining a reasonable profit margin. Typically releasing head-to-head price-comparison / quality TV ads, their Christmas offerings serve up a healthy dose of cheesy festive jumpers, harassed mums and hapless dads, while assorted family members sleep or stuff their faces. All surrounded by various Christmas related homewares and accessories, handily available in the seasonal isle or via ‘click and collect’ (and don’t forget to book now to reserve your delivery slot!)

Best of all, there’s the recent challenger brand TV ads such as Aldi’s parody of the 2015 John Lewis ‘Man in the Moon’. Like Christmas crackers, they arrive with a bang contain a joke, and are ‘of the moment’ but quickly gone.

Whichever Christmas TV ad you prefer, it would seem that, much like Christmas dinner, retailers have all started to follow similar recipes. But like many other Christmas traditions that people look forward to repeating year after year, maybe this isn’t a bad thing?

To get into the Christmas spirit, Brass Shopper have designed the ultimate festive party game; Brass Xmas TV Ad Bingo. Play on your laptop or mobile phone – just click here for your very own bingo card – then watch and play when you’re watching TV. How many clichés can you see? Will you be a Brass Xmas TV Ad champion, or will one of the Retailers finally break the Christmas TV Ad mould?